Why The 12th Man Needs To Win A Super Bowl

The Seahawk fans are dedicated, addictive, and borderline crazy with our quest for Hawk knowledge. I spent the entire month of March and April reading Rob Staton’s Seahawks Draft Blog, Rob Rang’s blog, and anything discussing the Draft. Why are we (the fans) so crazy about the Draft? Here’s my theory. The Draft is a mourning period for the 12th Man, as we suffer from a lack of Super Bowl wins. If the Seattle Seahawks won a Super Bowl, the 12th Man could at least live in the delusional glory days of that special run. Being deprived of Super Bowl wins, we default to the Draft.

In Seattle, the Seahawks have become an eleven month sport. In March and April, the fans religiously follow the Draft. In May, we follow the second tier of free agents. During June, July, and August, we watch Training Camp and the Pre-Season in anticipation for September, October, November, December, and occasionally January. The Seahawks have not been a February sport. In February, we half-heartedly cheer for the team that we hate the least during this forsaken month.

When the Seahawks drafted Bruce Irvin with the 15th overall pick, the 12th Man was shocked. Why? Because we (the fans) spent two months pouring through the ranks of college profiles in search of the diamonds in the rough. During the Draft, we put on our John Schneider hats and construct perfect teams on paper. For the last two years, the draft pundits have mocked the Seahawks. That’s why I love our ragtag team. We’re a team full of Bruce Irvins who have big chips on their shoulders.  When Irvin plays in front of his Atlanta family, friends and doubters this Sunday and as he recalls memories of jail time and homelessness, expect him to unleash with fury and violence.

The 12th Man needs a Super Bowl win. We deserve a Super Bowl celebration! We’re the best damn fans in the country. Go Hawks! Let’s smash some mouths this Sunday.



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